Weissbart is a german Techno DJ and producer. He was born and raised in Erfurt / East Germany. At a young age, his parents gave him an analog turntable and a lot of used vinyls, for instance the classic Kraftwerk EP "Computer World". The typical electro and synth sound cast a spell over Weissbart and and his new passion was born. Since that time he heard this vinyl for countless hours. As a teenager, he began to buy his first records in the well-known Erfurt “Pure Recordstore”. In addition to House and Breakbeat, he became more and more interested in Techno music. With a rapidly expanding record collection, Weissbart didn’t just want to listen to Techno music but also play it and be connected to the scene. The first DJ gigs followed in the end 90s. With time he started to make his own music thus spending many time in the studio and releasing tracks with different pseudonyms. Finally he created project Weissbart. In his sets he celebrates an impulsive and melodic Techno mix...



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